Trampoline Hall!!
Live in Real Life Outdoors
Show and Afterparty!!

Tuesday, September 21
Proof of full vaccination required
Price $15 or $10

Show is now SOLD OUT!!
If you want, you can go to
the ticket page and join the wait list.
We may release some tickets closer to
the show date.

Doors 6:15
Show starts at 7:00pm sharp
Afterparty till whenever

Show is on RAIN OR SHINE

We are under the Gardiner expressway, which provides great rain protection. We don't expect anyone will get wet, even if there's some rain.

In partnership with Artery
At The Bentway!
(Under the Gardiner Near Fort York)

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Here is all the information you need to attend

This is the full Trampoline Hall show.
During the pandemic, we did some abbreviated online shows. But this is a full show, three lectures, Q&As, intermissions.

There will be drinks! There will be a party after! Dress nice! Stay late!
We miss being at the bar with you and hanging around and having drinks. We miss it so much. There will be a bar set up at The Bentway. Come hang out with us, under the Gardiner expressway!! Stay after the show! UPDATE: Also, we'll be ordering a a few pizzas afterward.

Bring cash! There bar does not take cards, and the nearest ATM is far!
We might want to buy a drink! Your friend who forgot cash might want to buy a drink. You might want to buy a round of drinks. Our message is: Bring lots of cash! (Nearest ATM is the RBC and King and Strachan)

Bring Snacks. Dress for the weather.
There won’t be food for sale, and The Bentway is not so close to restaurants. Bring a picnic/snack! There will be lots of picnic tables there.
Bring your own non-alcoholic drinks. Bring a water bottle (there's a fountain not too far). Also – It’s September. It might not get cold, but it also really might. Bring a coat if you need one.

General Pandemic Measures
We are taking many steps to reduce Covid risks: The show is outdoors. We will require proof of full vaccination.
We are arranging seating so people are not crammed in. We will also be doing symptom screening and contact tracing.

Bring a mask!
We ask that you wear a mask when interacting with the people who are working at the door, and when ordering drinks at the bar. We will not be requiring masks during the show, as we will be outside and socially distanced (though of course you are welcome to wear one).
Proof of vaccination is required for all ticketholders
Proof of vaccination is required in order to attend. This means you must have either
a) Your vaccine receipt (electronic or paper), along with government-issued photo ID, confirming you have been fully vaccinated at least two weeks prior to the event.
b) Your Ontario-issued vaccine vaccine passport, along with government-issued photo ID

If you show up without proof of vaccination, you will not be admitted

Here’s information on how to get your proof of vaccination.

Ticket pricing: $15 or $10
Despite the tremendous generosity and support we have gotten from The Bentway and Artery, this particular show is really expensive to put on. Normally we charge $10 per ticket, but this will not cover our costs So we are giving people options of a few ways to pay:

a) You can buy a ticket for $15. If everyone buys a ticket at this price, we will still lose money, but just not as much.
b) You can buy a ticket for $10, as usual. Do this by entering a special discount code. That code is: tendollars



Other FAQs

Is there a bathroom there?
Yes. There is. It will be open throughout the event and afterparty.

What if it rains?
The Bentway is under the Gardiner expressway. It's one of those rare spaces that is outdoors, yet safe from the rain. The show will happen rain or shine, and even if it rains, you will not get wet.

Can I bring my own alcoholic drinks?

Do I have to buy tickets online, or can I buy them at the door
You can only buy them online.

How do I find the show?
You can get general info on getting to The Bentway
here. Note- The Bentway is big! The area where our show is happening is close to the Western edge of The Bentway, near Strachan. There is a nice foot/bike path from Stanley Park that goes right there. We will be right next to the Green P 266 parking lot.

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