How to get tickets to the show

The best way to get tickets is: buy them in advance at Soundscapes

The best way to get tickets to Trampoline Hall is to buy advance tickets at Soundscapes: 572 College St (416) 537-1620. Tickets go on sale the Thursday before the show. They often sell out quickly. They cost $10 plus a $1 fee to the store. There is a maximum purchase of two tickets per person.

(Tickets used to cost $5. Starting in Jan 2018, they are $10. The price increase is mainly to support our podcast. Here's an email we sent about it.)


get a "rush" ticket at the door on the day of the show.


There are usually a small number of rush tickets that are left to go on sale at the door on the day of the show. The box office for these tickets opens around 6:30. The availability of these tickets varies from month to month. They cost $10.

Why are the tickets such a hassle?

We've been doing this show for many years. The show usually sells out very quickly. This means that, inevitably, there are going to be some people who want to see the show who are not able to see it.

We have worked really hard to try to come up with the best system we can - that minimizes frustration for the audience, for the staff at the bar, and for the people who work the door at Trampoline Hall. We know that, despite these efforts, it still creates some frustration for some people some of the time. It's great to do a show that's popular. It's no fun to have to turn people away. We do our best. Really.