(This is the email that went out to the Trampoline Hall
email list about our new ticket prices.)

Subject: Trampoline Hall: Now More Expensive
Date: January 24, 2018

** After over fifteen years, we are raising our
** ticket price from $5 to $10
** mostly to support the podcast.


We’ve been doing Trampoline Hall since 2001. When we first started, we charged $5, because that was what it cost at the time to see an inexpensive local show in Toronto.

For over fifteen years, we never raised the price, mainly because we had no reason to. Pretty much everyone who works on the show works for free, whether they’re setting up the chairs, working the door, choosing the lectures, lecturing, making the set and tickets, or hosting the show.

Last year a producer approached us to start a podcast, and brought outside funding to pay the related expenses. In the intervening year, we made a podcast we really like. We no longer have that outside funding. We have bought the podcast from the original producer and plan to keep it going ourselves, funding it independently. 

To do this, we will be raising the ticket price from $5 (plus a $1 fee at Soundscapes) to $10 (plus a $1 fee). That’s pretty much what it costs to see an inexpensive show in Toronto in 2018, so our hope is the price is as reasonable as it was when we started in 2001.

We hope you enjoy the show, and if you haven’t already done so we encourage you to check out the podcast.

Our next show at the Garrison will be on Monday, Feb 5. We'll be sending more information closer to the date.


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