Trampoline Hall trudges into the future!
Tickets will now be available online,
starting with the next show.
(Show is Feb 4. Tickets go on sale Jan 31)

As you may know, for many years, Trampoline Hall has sold advance tickets exclusively at Soundscapes Records. We sold them this way because, when we started selling tickets, this was the normal and most accessible way to do it.

Starting with the next show, we’re going to start selling tickets online, like people do in the present day.

Here’s how it will work, at least this first time around:  
Tickets will be available online.
They will go on sale online at 10:00 am on the Thursday before the show. For the next show, January 31. When they become available, you can buy them here. $10 plus a service fee of $1.62.
Tickets will also still be available at Soundscapes
We will continue to sell some tickets in advance at Soundscapes. These go on sale on the Thursday before the show (January 31 for the next show ) when the store opens (at 10:00 am). $10 plus a service fee of $1.
As always, we’ll also sell some tickets at the door on the day of the show
(For the next show: Monday, Feb 4) starting at 6:30. $10.
This system may change a bit
We’re learning. We’ll keep updated information on our ticket system on our website.
The tickets sold at Soundscapes will continue to be individual, artist-made tickets, like we have had for many years. The tickets at the door will be, too. The online tickets will be regular Eventbrite electronic tickets, that you can print or show on your phone at the door.

This seems like a good moment to express our amazement at the great work of the many, many artists who made tickets for the show (for the past several years, under the incredible oversight of Tristan Marantos). You can see many of those tickets on our Instagram.