April 27, 2020
Doors 7:40, Show 8:00pm

Our goal is to do an online Trampoline Hall that is as much like the regular show as possible (ie:  not very much like the regular show at all).

There are many, many things we want you to know.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Tickets are free. You need a ticket.
Trampoline Hall has tickets. So this event will have tickets. The tickets are free, but there is an option to donate money to help support the Garrison and their staff. You need to get a ticket to get the address for the Zoom event.

Get your free ticket here.

The event will be on Zoom. Get a ticket, and we’ll send you the url and password a few hours before the show.
We’re running the whole thing as a Zoom meeting, because that is where everything is now.

The show will be shorter than usual
There will be just one lecture, and one Q&A, instead of three. We are tired. We are busy baking bread and sewing masks and hiding.

It will be exactly like hanging around in a bar
We think a big part of Trampoline Hall is the experience of being in a bar with other people. We want to try and recreate some of this online:

We encourage you to keep your video on in the Zoom meeting
so you can see each other and we can see you.

Show up by 7:40 if you want to hang out before the show
If you show up early, you’ll get a chance to talk to a few people from the audience in small-group video chats. If this sounds terrible to you, show up at 7:55 and you’ll be safe from it. We plan to start the actual show promptly at 8:00.

Also you can hang out after the show
As before the show, you can hang out with a few people in small-group video chats. This is optional. (Our host Misha Glouberman has been doing a lot of stuff around connecting during the pandemic. Read about it here and here. This will be different from those things.)

We encourage you to bring a drink.

What else?
We will try to bring you all the familiar parts of the show: We will sell buttons. Misha will try and get you to sign up for the email list. There will be a set. There will be programs. There will be artist-made tickets. Misha will wear a suit.

We know exactly what we are doing.
Everything will go smoothly, as planned. Doing Trampoline Hall in a Zoom meeting is a very reasonable idea.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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